Wisconsin Homeschool Association, Inc. |  Wi Homeschool  | Philosophy and Goals

Wisconsin Homeschool Association, Inc. |  Wi Homeschool  | Philosophy and Goals

Initiatives for Relevant Homeschooling

Learn how to equip your homeschool with career exploration, focused learning in areas of personal interest sure to inspire, equip, and encourage families to disciple their homeschool children as they discover and become who God created them to be.  A special emphasis will be placed on examples of successful programs and initiatives for relevant homeschooling. 

Wi Homeschool Philosophy

  1. God gives parents the primary responsibility to educate their own children.
  2. Parents have the right to educate their own children in conformity with their moral and religious convictions.
  3. Parents have the right to freely choose schools, tutors, co-ops, or other means necessary to educate their own children in keeping with their convictions.
  4. Parents as home educators can provide a high-quality education through individualized instruction and one-on-one tutoring for mastery.
  5. Home education provides the family with excellent opportunities to strengthen spiritual values, grow in personal responsibility, and develop leadership qualities in their children.

Homeschool Goals | Become a Visionary Founding Partner!

  1. To support families who educate their children at home.
  2. To encourage faith-based discipleship through seminars, workshops, lectures, and conferences.
  3. To provide information from beginning to homeschool, elementary foundations, high school, early college opportunities, and Wisconsin home education law.
  4. To strengthen the homeschool high school sector.
  5. To facilitate opportunities for scholarships, internships, career exploration, and entrepreneurship, with ancillary activities deemed appropriate;
  6. To facilitate informed community awareness of homeschooling and other educational options, and to assist those who are considering homeschooling, to make an informed choice.

Inspire |  Equip  |  Encourage 

Wi Homeschool needs volunteers. Please contact us at the volunteer link above if you are interested in helping out at the event.